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Before you ask I am NOT from LA BUT I am from California. I’m just a Cali girl raised with some southern hospitality. Sadly though, I don’t think the southern etiquette stuck because more than likely you will hear me reach a 4 on the Richter scale for my burps.

Things you might like about me.

  • I love vinyl, my collection is always growing.
  • I tend to like animals more than humans, but I’m sure we will be besties.
  • My blood type might as well be coffee.
  • If I’m not taking a selfie with Instagram, I’m probably lip-synching horribly on Snapchat!



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Hi, My Name is RyRy. I’m Rockin Your Air Waves Every Day 3-7 pm. Bringing You Your Daily Helping of Rock, Comedy & A lot More! Not Only Do I Serve Up The Hottest New Music & Tasty Throwbacks. I’m Also The Plug On Trending Music News, Entertainment Exclusives & Local Concerts. Tune In Every Day  For The Hottest Block In Rock Radio!

And Don’t Miss Ryry’s Road Dog Every Wednesday & Friday at 5:45p and Maybe Adopt Your New Road Dog!!!